Car Diagnostic Chatham

The majority of fuel injected vehicles have Bosch parts or systems.

Performance, economy and low exhaust pollution are demanded from every vehicle. But because they can't be taken for granted, we use Bosch test equipment to highlight any deficiencies.

The contribution antilock braking systems have made to road safety can only be maintained if the system is functioning correctly. That's why we are equipped to test and repair all ABS systems. In addition, our technical expertise includes ensuring airbag systems are operating safely.

On-board vehicle diagnostics

Diagnostic repairs to most makes of vehicle using the latest Bosch technology. For European vehicles, the Bosch KTS650 is definitely the most universal of the scan tools we have and will connect to a many different vehicles and systems. It will interrogate petrol & diesel engines, airbags, ABS braking systems, automatic transmissions, climate control, vehicle ECU code reading , emission related faults etc. One of its great strengths is the ability to read live data & component activation.

Our technicians are fully conversant with all the latest technology on modern cars.

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