Do's and Don'ts when spraying a vehicle - Lordswood Motorist Centre Kent

Car Re-spraying Chatham

Paint Spraying Techniques

Spray gun distance and strokes: This usually depends on the type of spray gun used but usually it is between 6 and 8 inches distance from the vehicle. This makes sure that you get an even spray all over. Here at Lordswood Motorists Kent we spray vehicles at right angles keeping the strokes as long and smooth as possible.

Speed of paint strokes and the trigger: Each stroke should make contact with the vehicle in a way that does not leave patches in the wet paint area. At our centre in Kent we always take our finger off the trigger before we want the stroke to end insuring that we don't double paint an area.

Overlapping paint: When doing this we are really careful that we always line up with already wet paint- trying to overlap paint that is completely dry will cause streaks and lines.

Wetting down areas: This is Lordswood Motorists last tip! When we work near the ground, we spray it with water to make sure that the dust does not fly up and cling to the fresh paint.

Car Re-spraying Chatham